Luke was diagnosed with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome at the age of 7. Before that, he had seizures and autism features. Along with developmental delays, he suffered from many infections including pneumonia (to date 15 times). He walked from the age of 2-12. Due to the progression of this disease, his seizures had become too severe for his body to recover, and in 2012 he lost the ability to eat and walk. He now gets all his nutrition through a g-tube and can not walk on his own. Some days he is so weak to even sit up. 

We are blessed to have Luke in our lives and love him beyond measure! He is our light and inspiration!!! He amazes us everyday!! The new found discovery that this syndrome can be reversible is amazing! It would give our son a much better quality of life! Please donate to the cause and help Luke and so many others!!